Quantum Education
Take your kids out of School. Employ cutting-edge Science to design their Future. De-program your own Mind!

Shake off from the Public Schooling illusion. Learn how to pull your child out of school lawfully protecting their health and their spiritual intelligence

Learn how to create a healthy homeschool environment to raise your child like into royalty and sovereignty, Discover the power to create their future!

Activate your child's innate ability to know truth and apply the quantum physics of holographic reality and create miracles with the power of their thought.

About Your Presenter
Evita Ramparte is a New Earth Teacher
and Quantum Leadership Coach
"There is no higher religion than Truth."

A leadership catalyst, sensei and time-traveler, Evita is helping people to awaken from the Psychic Dictatorship, rise into Sovereignty, and reclaim Earth as their Home. Founder of, an intuitive, natural mystic and metaphysician, with fascination in quantum physics, neuroscience, ancient history & the Secret Space Program; on a mission to raise New Leaders, dedicated to unconditional love and service to humanity in co-creation of New Earth - a sovereign, united and ever-advancing Divine Civilization.
"As you have faith, so shall your powers and blessings be."
Evita is a student of many hard sciences that prove ancient scriptures, philosophical concepts and the immortality of consciousness, such as quantum neurobiology, holographic brain theory, quantum biology, quantum mechanics, as well as neurocognitive theory of human  consciousness, neuro-endocrinology, molecular biology and cellular nutrition.
She is a mom of a 12 year old boy. © Copyrights 2020 - All Rights Reserved

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