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If this invitation intrests you do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a free call to discuss details.
If this invitation intrests you do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a free call to discuss details.
Bio-Dynamic Gardening for Health & Longevity
Learn the secrets of organic, bio-dynamic agriculture, Reclaim the natural potential of your soil, Become the custodian of the Earth.
What are you going to learn?
  • Introduction to Bio-Dynamic Gardening
  • ​Design your garden for health and nourishment
  • ​Soil fertility management with a bio-dynamic approach
  • Nursery work in a bio-dynamic setting
  • ​​The Bio-Dynamic Compost, Fertilisation and the Dynamic Rotation
  • ​The Successions, Intercropping and Companion Planting
  • ​The Bio-dynamic Approach to Creating Bio-diversity
  • The Future of Gardening: Bio-dynamic Preparations and Seed Reproduction
  • The Bio-dynamic Garden in Autumn and Reaping Harvest
What are you going to learn?

Hans-Gunter Kern

Bio-dynamic Horticultural Consultant, teacher, lecturer and farm manager over the past 36 years, in 6 countries & 2 continents in different climatic zones, managing and promoting food security and quality nutrition through Bio-dynamic Agriculture, Community Supported Agriculture and Humanitarian Aid Overseas, in Inner City and Greenbelt Protection Projects.

His mission is to support the creation of healing garden-farms and land-based communities, which are becoming havens for future generations to secure their food supply, find their identity and roots, and to be empowered to prosper in wellbeing, health, wealth and joy. 

Head of the Environmental Education research project at Michael Hall Steiner School for two years and Farm Manager/Educational Director of the Rural Development Programme at Emerson College for five years.

Hans-Gunter developed two separate farms to double their size, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, USA.
He was responsible to ensure the food security, alleviate malnutrition and practice preventative health care in 45 indigenous Mayan villages in Mexico for “Doctors of the World, USA”.

He ran bio-dynamic certification courses all over Spain for eight years, which were endorsed by the Spanish Bio-dynamic Association. helping to convert farms to the DEMETER Standard to export highest quality organic food to Central and North Europe. 

For the past 15 years, Hans has been a Wellness Advocate, consulting on how to integrate bio-dynamic nutrition, natural health solutions, fitness and other healthy lifestyle choices.

Hans-Gunter is hugely qualified in the world of bio-dynamics and has a wealth of information, offering fantastic tools in a time when it is vital to be putting our health & nutrition first. In the show, we will explore how to deepen our relationship with nature, learn how to heighten the use of our senses, and provide the ‘know-how’ to grow our own abundant nourishing food.

Hans-Gunter is the co-founder of The Healing Matrix and is also a Wholistic Health Advisor to AlliApp, which is one of the top ten Health Apps in the UK with over 1 Million users

This broadcast is incredibly pertinent to the times we are living in. With potential food shortages on the horizon, we have an opportunity to galvanize our knowledge in this arena.
If this invitation intrests you do not hesitate to contact us 
and schedule a free call to discuss details.
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