Our Sovereign Liberty

Our Sovereign Liberty

Who are we?

inspired by Majestic 12
We are the People of the Earth. We are Living Souls - Living Men and Women. We are Immortal Spiritual Biological Entities awakened to the truth within us. We proudly carry the Royal I AM Presence of God in our DNA. Here and now, we stand sovereign, united and open-hearted, creating an ever-advancing Divine Civilization, the promised Golden Age and the Kingdom of God on Earth. 

What are we committed to?

in the words of Alex Colleir
Responsible freedom of self-determination, becoming truely self-confident and free, unconditionally responsible for one self without being coerced to accept some higher authority.

What do we uphold?

We uphold the Natural Law and the United States Constitution of as a foundation for the future constitution of the federation of the New Earth. We affirm our free will and sovereignty as Living Souls under one God, aware of our Royal Genetics. We are here to inherit the Earth as our birthright and God-given inheritance. 

What values do we stand for?

in the words of Ingersol Lockwood Inc.
     Life – Defend & Extend
     Land – Reverse GMO, Reverse Contamination, Speed Travel
     Water – Reverse Contamination, Expand Accessibility
     Air – Reverse Pollution, Speed Travel, Defend Against HAARP.
     Fuel – Unleash Hidden and Next Gen Tech – Nearly Limitless
     Space – Unleash Hidden and Next Gen Tech – Faster, More Efficient
     Computing – Next Generation Privacy, Safety & Security
     Communication – Truthful, fact-based, ethical reporting
     Education – Unwind Stupidity Training, Unlock History/Future
     Entertainment – Wholesome, using 1-9 (above).

What's now possible on Earth?

     New Media – Creative, Inspiring & Truthful
     New Civilisation – Honoring our Divine Genetics
     New Leaders – Sovereign, Heart-Centered & Trustworthy
     New Governance – Simple, Sovereign & Service-Oriented
     New Education – Curious, Creative and Committed to Truth
     New Health-Care – Based on Frequency, Energy and Vibration
     New Technology – Inspired by Ancient & Secret Space Program
     New Eco-Systems – Conscious, Organic, Bio-Dynamic Agriculture
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